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Flight Change Issues or Problems on Flybe

Most airlines, have terms and conditions that apply to changing your flight. This can range from not being able to change your flight because of the nature of the booking, to changing the booking but being charged a service fee and making up the difference in the cost of the fare.

Fees may be different if you change your fare online to making contact with the call centre.

How have you found changing fares with Flybe?

Is it a simple process?

Are the Flybe fees and charges too much?

Any other issues?

Post your review and comments below.

Call Centre Issues and Problems at Flybe

Most airlines operate a dedicated call centre to handle ticket sales, flight changes or other issues associated with flying. However not all call centres operate in the same way. Many companies contract call centre work out to other countries or to companies not directly associated with the airline.

What are your experiences with the Flybe call centre?

Do you have to wait a long time before your call is answered? If so, how long?

How would you rate the Flybe customer service and problem solving of the staff?

Any other issues or complaints about the Flybe Call Centre?

Post your review and comments below.

Check in Times and Problems on Flybe

Many low cost or budget carriers run a strict check in system at all of their departure points. What that means is that if you arrive at the check in counter outside of their designated time schedule, they may deny you travel. This refusal can be even if the flight is still a long way from departing.

Check in times can vary depending on the type of flight you are taking. It is important to check the conditions of your ticket a few days before your scheduled departure. And if you want to ensure you can catch your flight, make sure you are at check in well before the advised time.

Have you missed a Flybe flight because of a strict check in policy?

Has Flybe shown any leniency with this issue?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Flybe check in times?

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Flight Delay Problems on Flybe

Most airlines suffer some form of delay from time to time. Its how often they are delayed and how they treat the passengers that are the real issues.

Numerous reasons are given for the delay of planes in departing and arriving. Some of these are mechanical issues, check in delays, missing passengers, baggage hold ups, airport congestion and bad weather. There are of course other reasons, but the airlines may not always tell you why.

Have you experienced a delay when flying with Flybe?

Were you kept up to date with information regarding the delay?

How have you been treated by Flybe when delayed - were you compensated or given vouchers?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Flybe Plane Delays?

Post your review and comments below.

Flight Cancellations on Flybe

All airlines cancel flights from time to time. Cancellations are frustrating and costly to the passenger, meaning that arrangements have to be changed at the last minute, for such things as hotels, tours and meetings.

But it is unclear sometimes why flights are cancelled. Sometimes planes are cancelled due to such things as mechanical failure, airport delay and/or closure and bad weather. Sometimes flights are cancelled well in advance of the scheduled departure.

Has one of your flights been cancelled by Flybe?

How were you treated by Flybe when notified of your flight cancellation?

Were the alternatives offered to you acceptable?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Flybe Plane flight cancellations?

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Lost or Delayed Baggage Luggage on Flybe

Every airline in the world has lost or delayed a piece of passenger luggage. All passengers should understand that there is a small chance that their baggage will be mislaid, lost or stolen.

However, it is how airlines such as Flybe deals with the lost, misplaced, delayed or stolen luggage that is the biggest issue. The one thing most passengers want is to be reunited with their possessions as quickly as possible. Particularly when they have arrived at their first destination.

However, if they cant get their baggage quickly, passengers expect that an airline will do all they can to retrieve the item, and keep the passenger informed of the search. And it stands to reason that people will want some form of compensation for the loss or delay, if only a small amount to purchase essential items.

Have you had lost, delayed or stolen baggage when flying Flybe?

How were you treated by Flybe - were you compensated and kept informed?

How quickly was the situation rectified by Flybe?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Flybe Plane Lost and Delayed Baggage?

Post your review and comments below.