Flight Delay Problems on Flybe

Most airlines suffer some form of delay from time to time. Its how often they are delayed and how they treat the passengers that are the real issues.

Numerous reasons are given for the delay of planes in departing and arriving. Some of these are mechanical issues, check in delays, missing passengers, baggage hold ups, airport congestion and bad weather. There are of course other reasons, but the airlines may not always tell you why.

Have you experienced a delay when flying with Flybe?

Were you kept up to date with information regarding the delay?

How have you been treated by Flybe when delayed - were you compensated or given vouchers?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Flybe Plane Delays?

Post your review and comments below.


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  2. Having recently been a victim of Flybe flight cancellation which incurred an overnight in London; albeit the hotel allocated was pretty good; the arrangements to return to the airport the following day didnt exist... luckily my hotel sorted that out and i made the morning flight home. I was particualry put to considerable stress as I had a disabled husband at home with a carer who was going off duty at 11pm when I should have return home; so I need to scrabble around to get overnight cover and that's not cheap; I did point this out to the ground staff; but they were not prepared to assit to get me home until the morning. I completed the request for out of pocket expenses (taxi and breakfast) and sent to to them but 3 weeks later not so much as an acknowledgement. Very verry poor customer service.