Complaints Process at Flybe

Most airlines have a method with which they deal with passenger or customer complaints. Some operate a dedicated phone service along with an online enquiry form. Others may just have an email contact. These services may allow you to register a concern or make a claim for lost luggage.

Some airlines have strict standards that they must comply with depending on local laws and their own timetables.

Have you needed to make a complaint to Flybe?

Has your complaint been resolved to your satisfaction?

How long did it take Flybe to return your call or email?

Any other issues or problems with Flybe complaints process?

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  1. I regularly fly FLYBE from Southampton to Amsterdam on my way to the Middle or Far East. Using the two airlines makes it impossible to check in online depsite what they tell you. Trying to call FLYBE is a waste of time because they simply do not answer their telephones and if they did it would be expensive as it is an 0870 number.
    Checking in at the airport is a slow process with only one desk open. The others have been converted to sefl-service baggage checks.
    I asked a member of FLYBE staff how to contact the company nd she provided me with a form that had an email address. The automatic response from that address indicated they take up to 21 days to respond. That was 4 weeks ago and still nothing.
    Staff are often brusque to the point of rudeness and treat passengers with contempt. The Dash 8 aircraft used on this route is a noisy, smelly relic of a thing best consigned to a scrap heap somewhere.
    Inflight refresments are a rip-off and I will never purchase anything from them. Starbucks coffee? Ha! Who are you trying to kid!
    I hate them.

  2. At a Preliminary hearing to discover the facts before Judge Collins at the Portsmouth Courts of Justice on 16.01.2014, the Judge found that the UK’s Largest Regional and troubled Airline FLYBE who advertise widely that they do-not charge their customers for the use of Debit Cards when used for booking their on-line flights, had in fact been CHARGING FEES to the claimant for booking flights that were made using various DEBIT CARDS and as a result there could be a prima facie case for MISREPRESENTATION resulting in an award of damages. In his summing-up he said that although the amounts were small by their very nature, it was in the public interest for the claimant’s action to proceed against FLYBE to a full hearing.
    There will now be a full trial at the Courts of Justice on the 3rd April 2014 to consider Witness Statements, Judgment and Damages.

    The claimant would like to hear from others who have had similar experiences of being charged for the use of Debit Cards, please contact:
    Tony Evans: & Tel: 00 44 795 255 5827 or 00 34 609 462059