Customer Service and Support Quality at Flybe

In order to survive, most businesses need to ensure that they provide good customer support and service.

One of the things that make budget airlines unique is that they often operates on many routes without competition. In other words, on some sectors, no other airline can even come close to the price the budget carrier charges.

What that can mean is that without competition, so long as the airline meets basic standards and conditions, great or even good customer service may be one of the things that isn't essential for an airline to survive.

Many blogs and websites indicate some frustration with the level of customer service provided by budget or low cost carriers. That doesn't mean they are all bad, but some people do have some concerns with the ability of some airlines to provide good service and effective problem resolution.

What do you think about the level of customer service or support at Flybe?

Have you had a problem with Flybe and been treated well or badly?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Flybe Customer Service and Support?

Post your review and comments below.

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  1. I am both angered and disgusted at the bad attitude we received from both the woman behind check in and the Flybe employee who was called to what can only be described as to argue with us.

    My mother is an 81 year old lady who has difficulty walking unassisted, hence when she flies with Flybe or when she travels by ferry to visit me in France she requests wheelchair assistance.

    On arriving at the check in at Rennes airport we were 'greeted' by a stern faced woman who didn't have any customer service skills or the smallest amount of English.
    My mother had a purpose bought cabin case with her which, before we left home had double checked met Flybe's required dimensions and of course her 'Walker' mobility aid for which we had the required paperwork as per the email below.
    The check in woman argued that the case and her walker had to go in the hold, I replied that she never had to do this before and that the reason she bought the case was so she could keep it on the plane with her and of course her mobility aid was to go in the cabin, that's why she had filled out your forms. This went on for about 10 minutes with her tutting and raising her eyebrows and disagreeing.
    She then called one of your staff over. The first thing this woman asked was whether we spoke French, I said not a great deal, she then carried on in English, reiterating what the other woman had said, that both the case and walker would have to be put in the plane's hold. She then threw my mother's case in the size check basket and the side wheels didn't sit in it, she pulled it out saying it didn't fit and we'd have to pay for it. Luckily the customer behind us pointed out that the plastic sides of the basket had been moved in, so when we pushed them back to the full extent the case fitted, which we never doubted it would.
    She then carried on arguing with us that she could now keep the case but the 'Walker' had to go in the hold because the person who would be pushing the wheelchair wouldn't be able to cope! I yet again explained that this had never been a problem before and that surely two people could help.
    She was very unprofessional and causing a scene, I said I didn't want to argue about it and that my mother needed to sit down, we had now been stood at check in for around 20 minutes. I asked for her name, she seemed outraged by this request and shoved her name tag so close to my face, shaking it, that I couldn't read it, I told her that she was being very rude.
    My mother was now crying and I was very embarrassed as the queue behind us was growing. The customer behind us kindly offered to go get on the plane with my mother and to push her case, as she saw how distressed she was. We decided that I'd take the 'Walker' back home with me as the argument was clearly going no where.
    My mother is very shaken by the incident and now thanks to your unprofessional staff is without her mobility aid.
    To quote from your Mobility Aid Form, 'Flybe and the airports it serves would like to make your journey as smooth and comfortable as possible'
    I can assure you that her journey was far from that. Is this how Andrew Strong strives to run his business?
    I sent this email on Tuesday 8th October the day after my mother's flight, which will be a week tomorrow and have had not even received an acknowledgement.