Fees and Charges on Flybe Flights

Many budget airlines have extra fees and charges which apply when booking your flight, picking a seat and for checking in baggage. These are fees that may or may not exist with major non discount airlines.

These charges are in addition to the taxes and charges that some airlines applies to your final ticket price.

You will need to keep an eye on the charges when booking your flight. The amount of these charges can vary, and new fees or charges may be applied in future.

Do you think that any fees and charges applied to your Flybe flight are acceptable or excessive?

Were you fully informed of the Flybe charges when you booked your flight?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Flybe Fees and Charges?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. Terrible Airline, have been promising to rectify faults in their DEBIT CARD booking charge system for five years now.
    Insider information tells me that they will not do it because they make so much money out of these "errors".
    They never return calls and quote 28 days to reply to a customer complaint.

    Best route is through the OFT or take them to the Small Claims Court, the Judges are very sympathetic to their badly treated customers.

  2. At a Preliminary hearing to discover the facts before Judge Collins at the Portsmouth Courts of Justice on 16.01.2014, the Judge found that the UK’s Largest Regional and troubled Airline FLYBE who advertise widely that they do-not charge their customers for the use of Debit Cards when used for booking their on-line flights, had in fact been CHARGING FEES to the claimant for booking flights that were made using various DEBIT CARDS and as a result there could be a prima facie case for MISREPRESENTATION resulting in an award of damages. In his summing-up he said that although the amounts were small by their very nature, it was in the public interest for the claimant’s action to proceed against FLYBE to a full hearing.
    There will now be a full trial at the Courts of Justice on the 3rd April 2014 to consider Witness Statements, Judgment and Damages.

    The claimant would like to hear from others who have had similar experiences of being charged for the use of Debit Cards, please contact:
    Tony Evans: heliton@ymail.com & Tel: 00 44 795 255 5827 or 00 34 609 462059